Anne's CookBooks

The books pictured here are the latest editions of my six Canadian published cookbooks. Other editions may have different covers and titles. Some of my cookbooks have been published in French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

Many of my cookbooks are now out of print but can be found
in some bookstores, on Indigo and on Amazon and other websites.
Other editions may have different covers and titles.

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Lighthearted at Home:

The Very Best of Anne Lindsay

This, my most recent cookbook, was published in cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada by John Wiley & Sons Canada in both hardcover and soft cover. It is a collection of some of my favorite recipes from my previous books and some new recipes.
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Anne Lindsay's New Light Cooking

This cookbook was published by Ballantine a division of Random House of Canada in cooperation with Denise Beatty RD and the Canadian Medical Association. It was published in French By Trecarre.

A sumptuous collections of more than 200 delicious and unique light recipes-packed with nutrients and low in fat but big on taste and easy to prepare.
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Anne Lindsay's Light Kitchen

Easy and Delicious Meals for a Healthy Weight

This cookbook was published in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association first by Macmillan Canada then, this last edition, by Wiley. It has the Canadian Diabetes Assocition food choice values assigned to each recipe. The Glycemic Index values were supplied by Tom Wolever, University of Toronto. The French edition was published by Trecarre.

The British edition of this cookbook was called Recipes for a Healthy Heart published with the Family Heart Association and Grub Street, London. A newer edition was called The Everyday Low Cholesterol Cookbook.
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Anne Lindsay's Lighthearted Everyday Cooking

Fabulous Food for a Healthy Heart

First Published in 1991 by Macmillan of Canada in cooperation with The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, this 2004 edition from Wiley Canada provides revised introductory material and gives new information on how diet and physical activity can help maintain a healthy heart.

The U.S. edition is in cooperation with The American Institute of Cancer Research.

The British edition of this book is in association with the British Heart Foundation and is published by Grub Street London.
In Spain, Martinez Roca,S.A.
In Italy, Istituto Superiore Di Gastronomia
In the Nertherlands, Uitgeverij BZZToH
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The New Lightheared Cookbook

Recipes for Heart Healthy Cooking

SINCE 1988 THE LIGHTHEARTED COOKBOOK HAS BEEN AN INVALUABLE GUIDE IN MANY CANADIAN KITCHENS. THIS EDITION along with new information also includes the Canadian Diabetes Food Choice Values. It was the winner of the Toronto Star's "Eater's Choice Award : Best CookBook 2003."

Published in Canada by Key Porter Books in Cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. In French by Les Editions de L’HOMME.

In Britain in Association with the British Heart Foundation published by Grub Street

IN THE U.S. it is titled LOW CHOLESTEROL CUISINE, Published by Hearst Books.
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Anne Lindsay's Smart Cooking

Quick and Tasty Recipes for Healthy Living

Published in cooperation with the Canadian Cancer Society and Macmillan Canada.
In French published with Les Editions La Presse

In Britain, it is titled The Low Risk Cancer Cookbook Published in association with The World Cancer Research Fund by Grub Street, London.

In the U.S. titled The American Cancer Society Cookbook, published by Hearst Books, William Morrow and Company, New York.

This was my first cookbook and has some of my most favorite recipes.